Do you have a ground-breaking idea to share with the creative community? Are you looking to connect and collaborate with the most creative minds across the globe? Do you know the secret sauce to creative excellence? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.

Dive into the speaking opportunities at LIONS and discover different ways to showcase your creativity. LIONS Content lives on multiple platforms accessible digitally, on-demand, or in real life. Browse through and submit your proposal.

2023 Cannes Lions Festival submissions will open later in the year. This portal will remain open for year-round submissions.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Here’s some examples of highly-popular content we've had at LIONS over the years. From the stage, to the written word, you'll see there are multiple ways in which your thought leadership can show up at LIONS.

Put Diversity, Equality & Inclusion at the Heart of your Idea

As a global company, the individuals that make up LIONS strive to create positive change and are committed to making a lasting impact through our collective actions - including our content offering. We recognise the support that we can provide to the creative community and actively use our platform and our reach to amplify and drive change.

We know that when the industry comes together, amazing things happen. At the Festival we are proud to welcome a creative community of people from nearly 100 countries worldwide, and from all walks of life. Our content programmes are open to all and we have worked, and continue to work, to significantly improve representation across these.

As such, all of our content has diversity, equality and inclusion as part of its core values. We will not move forward with any content submission that does not live up to these values. We encourage you to look a little deeper at your cast of characters before submitting them as contributors to a piece of LIONS content.

Ask yourself before submitting, does my cast of characters represent society at large? If not, please continue to work on your content idea and line-up before submitting.

For further information on LIONS Diversity, Equality and Inclusion efforts, please visit lionscreativity.com/diversity-inclusion.

Discover LIONS Content Opportunities

The LIONS content portal is open year-round for you to submit your content ideas.

If you are interested in contributing to LIONS we want to hear from you. We are looking for contributors in all forms, from editorial writers, to podcast interviewees, LIONS Live film creators, and in-person Festival speakers.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

We're looking forward to getting back together, celebrating, and setting a new global benchmark for creative excellence.

Get ready for an in-real-life experience in the South of France as well as new digital opportunities to get inspired, reconnect with your peers, and hear from some of the most groundbreaking and diverse thinkers, creative mavericks, trailblazers and future-oriented geniuses from across the globe.

Share your bold, provocative, and inspirational idea. Challenge the status quo and reveal your vision of what's next for creativity.

The window for the Festival submissions will open later this year. Stay tuned and share your ideas.

LIONS Membership

LIONS Membership is the year-round home of our community. It connects members directly with the people, education, specialisms, advice and skills that lead to creative breakthroughs.

Our members are bonded by their journey for one sole mission: to raise the bar of creative excellence. And that’s where you come in.

We’re looking for speakers who can impart practical, informative content across our community. Whether you’re a lateral thinker or a leadership guru, there are a number of ways to get involved.

LIONS Learning

If you enjoy rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on, you are the perfect fit for the LIONS Learning Team.

We are a global learning platform designed for anyone looking to gain some of the most desired skills and creative tools to grow on a personal as well as professional level. You will find us in the physical space of The Cannes Lions Festival and across all of our digital platforms.

Join us to share your experience and inspire our diverse creative community to aim higher and push for better. We are looking for visionary leaders, big thinkers, makers, and dreamers who believe in the transformational power of creativity. If that's you, come and join us.

LIONS Intelligence

LIONS Intelligence is the insights and intelligence arm of LIONS. Powered by The Work, a digital subscription platform with 230,000 pieces of work, LIONS Intelligence is a masterclass in how to produce impactful creativity.

Discover how you can get involved.

Delve into the speaking opportunities at LIONS